Friday, at 27- April 2019, Student Representatives of the Medika Institute Drg. Suherman has carried out his duties in the 2019 National University Debating Cahmpionship (NUDC) who was organized by L2DIKTI Rayon IV, the activities began on 25-27 April 2019 in Bandung, with a series of activities, the first day of debating and jury seminars, the second day of the debate competition and third day is a final debate compitition.

IMDS representatives have held a race with 4 rounds with details of the debate opponents:
1. The fist rounds are :
Chamber 8 :
– Sukabumi Muhamadiyah
University as opening Goverment
– Institut Medika Drg. Suherman as opening opposition
-STKIP panca sakti as closing goverment
-UNISBA as closing opposition

2. The second rounds are :
Chamber 12 :
-STIKES husada as opening goverment
-STKIP pasundan as opening opposition
-IMDS as closing Goverment
-Banten jaya university as closing opposition

3. The third round are :
Chamber 4 :
– UBP karawang as opening goverment
– STIKes Falatehan as opening opposition
– UPJ as closing goverment
– IMDS as closing Opposition

The IMDS representative was represented by Friyan Cahya Wibowo (S1 Nursing), Suci Dewi Utami (Nursing S1), and Ms. Nur Miladyah R, Ns., M.Kep, as the N1 jury board.

Representatives have carried out their duties well, the experience in this race is expected to be able to provide an overview to students to be able to provide good arguments accompanied by data and speak in public with confidence. Congratulations to the NUDC teams 2019 who have carried out their duties and fought for the following years. IMDS Can, Extra IMDS.

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